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LED Street Lighting


Across the world, many cities are replacing traditional street lights with new LED lights. Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Budapest are just a few amongst a diverse list that includes cities in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, India, Canada, Serbia, and more. The shift to LEDs is fueled by the world's growing need to conserve energy as well as the practical benefits of LEDs. 

The city of Los Angeles can attest to the efficiency of LEDs. In 2013, the LA Bureau of Street Lighting reported electricity savings of 63.3% by replacing 114,067 high-pressure sodium lights with LEDs. The reduction in energy amounted to $5,325,793 in annual electricity savings. That's over $5 million in tax money that can be used for something else. LEDs also cut down maintenance costs since they burn for up to 20 years, whereas standard street lights last only six years on average. Los Angeles is saving big with 114,067 lights – imagine the benefits that New York City will reap after completing their plan to install 250,000 LEDs. 

Aside from the obvious environmental advantages of LEDs, they are also superior in function to other lights. Color rendering is better with LEDs because they emit a true white light, as opposed to the warmer light of other street lights. Since they have a more neutral effect, colors appear truer and more natural, making it easier for drivers to recognize objects on the road. Drivers also benefit from the directionality of LEDs. They can be directed downward more easily, thus reducing glare and the amount of light into the driver's eyes. Neighbors appreciate this feature as well because bothersome light can be directed away from homes and businesses.

LEDs emit light using a unique mechanism that allows for maximum brightness and minimal bugs. Unlike other lights, LEDs don't need time to heat up and reach maximum brightness. In winter, other lights tend to have lesser light output because the outside temperature prevents the bulbs from reaching their maximum effectiveness. LEDs do not have this problem, nor do they attract as many nocturnal bugs as other lights. 

From rural Texas to Croatia, switching to LED street lights is a no-brainer. The 60% reduction in wattage demand, better quality light and financial responsibility are too great to ignore. LED street illumination improves the way you see you see at night. Expect to see more come your way.