LED-light products designed to softly illuminate spaces with light and motion sensors.
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closet light

Opening your closet will have the closet light turn on automatically thanks to the integrated light and motion sensor offering you a seamless experience and another level of comfort in dressing for your day. All with the soft touch and energy efficiency

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bed light

Our bed light will certainly give your room a distinctive design as well as the practicality, comfort and safety of having your floor illuminated as soon as you get out of bed. Thanks to a motion sensor, bed light gives you light when you need it

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Wall Light

wall light by mylight.me is designed for outdoor lighting. With a solar panel and build-in rechargeable battery, wall light requires no electrical connection – saving both time and money.

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Our company values in our product features

Lighting for Modern Life

mylight.me will allow you to make your lighting dreams a reality

  • Low energy usage

    LED consumes as little as 7.5W to produce the same light as a 25W incandescent bulb.

  • Responds to your needs

    Getting up at night or sorting through your closet becomes effortless with light designed to turn on and off to match your needs.

  • Extensive lifetime

    LED last up to 30 years based on average activation of one hour per day.

  • Thoughtful lighting

    A warm soft glow of light, where you need it, when you need it, with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the light switch in the dark.

  • Feeling safe at night

    As your foot touches the floor, the room is softly illuminated to guide you gently and safely through the room.

  • Easy setup - No tools required

    You can setup mylight in a few minutes with easy to follow instructions. Ready to attach with 3M adhesive tape.

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