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Lighting Designers: The Pros Know Best


Lighting designers have the expertise to create a vision for a space. They are hired for numerous purposes including interiors, architecture, stage, and landscapes. Although lighting design is a profession you rarely hear about, it has a big influence on the way you see the world.

Lighting Designer Duties

First and foremost, LDs are tasked with meeting the practical needs of the people who utilize the space. At the simplest level, people should be able to see well. Function aside, LDs have to budget, consider energy use, and be creative. If a client is cash-strapped, LDs must accommodate budgets without compromising their work. They are also mindful of energy requirements to set up clients for minimal electricity costs. Keeping up with the latest technology helps LDs minimize energy use. Achieving all of these things while also making a space visually appealing requires a lot of creativity and innovation. Experience is key and that's why hiring a LD is often a good choice.

Benefits of Good Lighting

Most of us are not consciously aware of it, but lighting affects us in many ways. Good lighting can improve our mood and bad lighting can bring our mood down. A study conducted by Philips Lighting found that workers in proper lighting worked faster and more successfully. Specifically, the study found that by increasing lighting from 300 lux to 500 lux, worker productivity increased by an average of 8%. Lighting is clearly an important factor for employers to consider when it comes to ergonomics. 

Building owners often turn to LDs for help as a way to increase their property's value. Proper and attractive lighting can make a building more valuable. Enhancing light performance can also reduce energy and maintenance costs.

For many cities, the night-time economy is crucial to the city's financial wellbeing. Incentivizing people to go out after the sun sets can be difficult if the scenery is unappealing. That's why many local governments hire LDs to attract people to places in the evening. Think New York City's Times Square at night—that's when it is truly amazing. Similarly, the San Francisco Bay Bridge is a spectacle at night with its new LED light show. Creating a sense of pride in a city's aesthetic can bring people out after the sun goes down.

In a constantly evolving industry, it is difficult to integrate function with aesthetic. Lighting designers work hard behind-the-scenes but their craft is on display for us to reap the benefits.  

So next time you look at mylight.me’s Bed light and Closet light do not let the names stop you from being creative and innovative. Remember the looks of the Danish pop queen Medina and get inspired to create something unique. 

For mylight.me it is a great experience to have been a part of the creating of something so beautiful, stylish and unique. We are looking forward to continue innovating and creating uniqueness and we hope that our products can find their star place on the market - just as Medina has found her star place in the hearts of millions.