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Changing small spaces with LED


A small space feels much larger with the help of clever interior design and some good lighting. There are several tips and tricks to give your small spaces the ambiance of a larger room.

Tip 1: Use track lights

As a general rule, three sources of lighting is ideal to make a room appear bigger. However, some spaces are too small to accommodate three lamps. A good alternative is installing a few track lights. Since they are attached to the ceiling, they don't take up any precious floor or table space. LED track lights are a great choice because the bulbs are small, powerful and long-lasting. LEDs are more efficient and often last ten times longer than CFLs—your track lights can be virtually maintenance-free! We recommend directing the bulbs toward walls so that the light bounces off for a nice ambient effect. This can also create the illusion of a deeper room.

Tip 2: Design a glow

LED strips can be used under cabinets, counters, coffee tables, chairs, bathtubs, you name it! The strips are incredibly versatile and easy to install, allowing you to get creative with your lighting. LEDs are best for this sort of project because they do not become hot to the touch and they are not bulky. CFLs and incandescents are not a good option for this project because they are larger and emit heat. Luckily, you can really use your imagination to design with LED strip lights. The MyLight bed light and closet light are good examples of ways to implement LED strips which create an ambiance that other lights simply can't.

Tip 3: Pair light with mirrors

Mirrors are trendy, affordable, and great for interior design in small spaces. It's easy to pair up a mirror with the correct light to open up a room. Try placing a mirror behind a table lamp for extra illumination and depth. For a dramatic dining room, place mirrors on two adjacent walls to  maximize the light bouncing around the room. Well-lit mirrors can make a room feel less claustrophobic.