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Which light experience is even better than LEDs



The creative LEDs 

LED lights are trully amazing. They give one a chance to create uniqueness and experience light as nobody else and as never before. The ability to play with colors, density, and shapes make it possible to design a space where light is simply a charming presence. Creating lighting effects goes so far that some try to recreate natural phenomena as the Northern lights. If you ask yourself - then what can be better than LEDs the answer is simple - only nature  - the sourse of our inspiration - of course.  

 The mystical Northern lights 

The Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis as they are known, are as many other natural miracles covered with mystery and myths. They are, however, made even more special by the effort it takes to experience them and the shortness of the light show. It is difficult to imagine standing under a shimmering sky and not to question whether it is happening for real or is only a dream. 

Northern lights are extremely difficult to “catch” as they can only be experienced in the furthest Northern regions, like Finland, Island, Greenland, Northern Norway, Northern Russia and Canada, during the polar winter. Besides the fact that it will always be a question of luck to get a glimpse of the lights as timing and weather conditions are extremely important, one has to endure the harsh winter in the North with temperatures going at times down to -50 degrees Celsius. This, however, does not stop the many travelers wanting to experience something exceptional. 

The mystery around the Northern lights has been created in times where the lack of an explanation about what was happening triggered the myth creation. The Lapps believed that the lights were created by a magic fox sweeping snow with its tail. In Norway and Scotland people believed the lights were the spirits of dancing old maids. In Canada and among some Eskimo tribes there is a belief that the lights are the spirits of people or animals. 

 No matter where in the North part of the world one is, myths and stories about the Northern lights pour from every small village around. Even today when science has found an answer to the spectacular light show those myths and stories are kept alive and are a part of the charm of the Northern lights. 

 Northern lights explained 

Science has indeed explained the phenomenon today. Northern lights are the result of solar particles bombarding the magneticfield of Earth. Due to variations in the magnetic field the particles are led to a circular area around the poles creating the astonishing light effect. As mentioned, this happens around both poles. In the Southern hemisphere the phenomenon is called Aurora Australis and can be observed in Australia, a small part of South America and in Antarctica. 

 A light show to remember 

 Even though many imagine the Northern lights to be as colorful as the rainbow this is not the case. In most cases the Auroras appear as a green light, sometimes with a pink edge or a purple shadow. They are really a spectacular view made even more special by the fact that no two Auroras are ever the same guaranteeing that what you are seeing is completely unique. 

Living in times where almost everything gets mass produced it becomes increasingly important for some to experience or create something unique. Therefore we can expect that both travelers to the North and people trying to create uniqueness in their everyday life will become more and more.


by mylight.me