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Illuminating Trade Show Exhibits


Trade show booths need to differentiate themselves from the competition. Vendors want to stand out in a good way. Often, a booth's initial lure is not a result of the product, but rather the presentation of the product. Booth lighting can be dynamic thanks to the versatility of LEDs. LEDs are the most energy efficient option, do not emit heat, and come in a variety of options. Whether you want to simply highlight a few words, or create some drama, affordable LEDs are the solution.

Drawing attention to your booth is easy; but choosing how is difficult. It is important to consider which mood to create. Do your targets prefer a sleek, colorful, or dramatic look? Should any words be particularly emphasized? Here are some how-to's for when the look is determined.


White LEDs are a great choice to create a classy and sleek booth. White LED strip lights and track lights are perfect for distributing light evenly for a clean, distraction-free look. You can also adjust track lights for a more targeted appearance. For a polished look, place strips under the edges of tables and cabinets. If you want the product itself to garner attention, perhaps you only need a subtle overhead track light. 


Opt for colored LEDs if you want your business to stand out as fun and unique. There are a number of single-color and multi-color LED strips available to embellish a booth. Color-changing LED strip lights make for an especially dramatic effect and are sure to catch the attention of visitors. Be cautious and find the right balance with the colors, as too many can have a negative effect and deter people. 


Try monopoint lights if you want dramatic illumination without the use of colored lights. These bright lights act as mini spotlights for your booth and can be mounted on the ceiling or walls. They accent displays by creating contrast with their crisp beams. Monopoint lights are available as LEDs in various color temperatures so the booth can be customized to look cool, neutral or warm. Cool temperatures make for a more stark look, while warmer temperatures create a cozier mood. The use of multiple monopoint lights is visually intriguing and enables you to direct your visitors' attention to where you want.

Create a focal point

LED clamp or arm lights highlight a particular part of a booth as they act similarly to spotlights. For display cases, bright LED strip lights are a good option because they can be hidden under the edges of displays. You can also customize your own LED sign to instantly attract attention. If you want to create a focal point, keep the rest of the booth understated so the eye is not confused.

At trade shows, more visitors means more business. Investing in the proper lighting tactic can optimize the number of visitors to your booth and ultimately help your business grow.