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DIfferent Uses of LED Light Strips


Got a bathroom? There's an LED strip for that. Kitchen? There's definitely an LED strip for that. Patio? There's a strip for that too. LED strip lights are safe, bright and customizable illuminators that offer a number of easy lighting solutions. This makes them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use at home. Here's why you should use these affordable lights for their aesthetic and function.

The Basics

Since LEDs are energy efficient, there is little heat waste and the lights never become hot to the touch. This virtually eliminates any fire hazard so you can install them almost anywhere. The strips are also versatile in appearance because the size, color and brightness are all customizable. You can cut them to the desired length and the color offerings allow for some creativity. They are available in a variety of solid colors—even different temperatures of white light. For the more daring, there are color-changing strips. Some have the option to dim the brightness, making a single strip suitable for multiple lighting needs. If you want to install a set of lights but the nearest electrical outlet is too far away, opt for battery-powered strips. Both battery-powered and plug-in strips will last for decades, making them an excellent investment.

Different Uses of LED Strips

Home light design has been revolutionized by LED strips, which have become significantly more affordable in the past few years. Our very own mylight.me products provide a good example of the usefulness of LED strips. Mylight.me products are designed for installation under beds or in closets, but the possibilities don't stop there.

For example, in the kitchen they're perfect for above or below cabinets or shelves. The ambient light makes it easier than ever to find your ice cream tub of choice at 2am. In the bathroom, install strips under the sink or tuck them behind the mirror. The soft light is ideal for when you don't want harsh bright light. As our eyes become adjusted to post-sunset brightness levels, we sometimes do not need strong overhead lights.

In addition to being safe, they provide safety by improving visibility at night. If your home has many tripping hazards, the strips can be a real help. Placing strips underneath stairs is one application of their safety uses. Similarly, installing strips around the edges of handrails can help you on the stairs at night.

LED strips are also perfect for backyards. Use them to illuminate a garden pathway, under the edges of a deck, or wrap them around a tree for a festive effect.

Outside of home, businesses use strips for signs, décor and attracting attention. Often times, the lights are left on all day, so efficiency, durability and longevity are important. LEDs meet these needs and are the most practical solution.